First United Church


First United Church was the oldest congregation in Galt, and had

a rich history dating back to the arrival of the first settlers to this area in 1817. They were Presbyterians of Scottish background.

The official Constitution of the Congregation took place in 1824 with forty-seven members forming the Associated Reformed Church. A frame building was erected in 1828.

In 1858 the Associated Reformed Church became part of the United Presbyterian Church of North America. A stone church was built on the same site in 1863.

In 1907 the Congregation severed ties with the American Presbyterian Church and joined the Presbyterian Church of Canada.

In 1925 the Congregation entered the United Church of Canada (The only Presbyterian Church in Galt to do so).

In 1928 the Christian Education building was erected.

In 1949 the Chancel was installed. Over the years there were 10 historical memorial stained glass windows installed that further enriched the sanctuary.  These stained glass windows will continue to enrich congregational life at Cedar Hill United Church.

In 2017, First United Church held its final service on October 29th, with 256 people in attendance. 

On January 1, 2018, First United Church and St. John's on-the-Hill United Church joined together under a new name, Cedar Hill United Church, at 241 Cedar Street.



Cambridge, Ontario


"Building a Community

to Reach a Community"

Rev. James Strang 1833-1857

Rev. Robert Acheson 1857-1872

Rev. W.H. Andrews D.D. 1872-1877

Rev. D.A. Duff 1877-1887

Rev. A.G. King D.D. 1887-1907

Rev. H.J. Pritchard B.A. 1907-1912

Rev. K.J. MacDonald B.D. 1912-1932

Rev. C.C. MacDonald B.A. 1932-1939

Dr. T. T. Faichney M.A. B.D. 1939-1969

Rev. Frederick J. Roberts B.A. B.D. 1960-1969

Rev. Duncan White M.A. M.Div. 1969-1981

Rev. W. Dale Allison B.A. M.Div. 1982-1985

Rev. Robert H. Fretwell B.A. M.Div. 1986-1993

Rev. Philip M. Smith B.A. M.Div 1982-83-84-85 & 1993

Rev. Hilary Merritt and Rev. Robert Merritt B.A. M.Div. 1994-2011

Rev. Ted Black B.A. M.Div. 2011-2012

Rev. Tim Graham B.A. M.Div. 2012 - 2015

Rev. Keith Hagerman. B.A. BMus. M.Div. MSM Merrill Fellow, Harvard Divinity School 2016-2017