Many folks today find themselves on a spiritual journey. If you are reading this webpage, chances are you have paused on your internet trek to visit us here at First United Church. 

First United Church, 15 Wellington St. Cambridge, has had a long and storied history over some 190 years. Today we find ourselves looking forward to the unfolding of our new century and all of its promise. Our congregation is "building a community to reach a community" as part of a ministry to the Galt area of Cambridge. 

We realize that our architecture with its looming presence can be quite intimidating. However once you are through the doors the walls melt away as you are greeted by a group of people committed to the creation of a joyful and uplifting atmosphere in which to worship God. 

Not only do we welcome new people, but we encourage them to take an active role in helping to shape our sense of identity and mission as it is a dynamic process rather than a static one. First United is realistic about who we are and the areas where we want to see ourselves grow but yet we never stop dreaming. 


We encourage you then to consider making First United Church an extended stop on your faith journey. 

"Building a Community to Reach a Community"


Month of August - Our Sunday services will be held in the Fretweel Auditorium for the five Sundays in August

For Further Details...

Rev. Tim Graham announced to the congregation on August 2, 2015 that he has accepted a Call to Zion New Hamburg. To read the letter he shared with First's Council please click here Letter to First Council

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